Friday, June 22, 2012

Why is it that all old priests look the same?

 Cardinal Law, Cardinal Dolan, Monsignor William Lynn

Ever notice how senior American  Catholic clerics always look the same.... with the exception of the occasional ethnic Cardinal, they often seem to be wearing a clerical costume,  have white hair, white skin,  glasses with metal frames,  have sour faces, and for some reason,  they all  seem to be of the male persuasion. Apparently the health plan for the Roman Catholic Church does not provide coverage for contacts (or birth control).....

For whatever  reason ,this firm "glasses only" rule does not apply to Popes. Ah, Rank Has It's  Privileges.  Only one of the last five Popes  was  usually  photographed with his  reading  glasses, that  being the first John Paul I, he also smiled a lot, sadly he  only lasted a month in the top job  before God called him back to the ranch....
 The forgotten John Paul-somebody forgot to tell him to drop the smile!!

Editors Note: Apparently Cardinal Dolan, (the middle guy smiling   above) always is smiling when having his photographed taken, and in the interest of fairness, I could not include the one photograph in a hundred in which he is not smiling!!!

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