Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chicago - (I've been) Searchin So Long

  A 1993 version of  a  1974 hit. The song was originally on the Chicago VII album. This song  was written by Trombonist James Pankow,  The great thing about the early 1970's Chicago was that all the members wrote material and they had three lead vocalists.  By the 1980's the band become dominated by Peter Cetera, who eventually left in 1985, when his own solo career took off.  The post-Cetera  edition of the group actually had a few hits with newer vocalists Bill Champlin, and Jason Scheff.  But,  by the 1990's the group is already well on there way to becoming  there  own tribute band.   By 1993, only four of the original seven members of the band were left. Vocalist/Keyboardist Bobby Lamm and the three horn players.   Jason Scheff is performing the lead vocals on the song originally performed by Peter Cetera. This is  one of  Jason's best performances, and the band is in good form, it really heats up at about 2.50. Just a great video.