Thursday, December 17, 2015

Rock, Paper, Scissors sing Belleville Rendez-vous

Miranda, Gemma and Darla  performing at Cafe Paradisio
  Above  is  a live video of the  group  Rock Paper Scissors performing "Belleville Rendez-vous" back in 2007 or 2008.  RPS were an  excellent vocal harmony trio from Fairfield, Iowa. This French song originates from the animated  film-Triplets of Belleville.  In the video the lead singer  is Darla Murphy.  Gemma Cohen is on the right. Miranda Mallard on the left.  RPS emerged in 2007, and performed on and off .  Darla went to France or somewhere else and is no longer singing with the other two. The other two, Miranda and Gemma  now perform  as part of the group Dagmar....Below is their new video of the song "Tumbleweed" which features, a  now slightly blonde, Miranda Mallard.

Here finally is Darla and Gemma doing an excellent version of "Songs to  Aging Children".

 Recently, Darla Murphy has started her own website that features her some of her short film work.

 Rock Paper Scissors album at CDBaby

Dagmar's web site

(published August 2015)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Twisted - Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham

" Twisted" is a  relatively obscure song from 1996.  The song was
written by Stevie Nicks for the Helen Hunt tornado disaster movie called
Twister. As often is this case, in the 1990's  era of "music
inspired by" but not actually in the movie  soundtracks  you can barely
find the song in the movie.  Stevie Nicks has often recorded stand alone
songs for movies and movie soundtracks, and this one of the best of
those songs.  Even  now, the song is  only available on the soundtrack
album for the movie, although a solo acoustic version of the song was
released on the  Stevie Nicks, box set, Enchanted.  What I  love
about this  record  is the  rare chance to hear Stevie and Lindsey
singing together on a excellent song. Stevie excels at backing vocals/
harmonies almost more so than at Lead Vocals and on this record I love
the drama she imparts to "the sun goes down, crazy men, crazy women"
parts at the end.  This song also features Mick Fleetwood on Drums
making it almost a Fleetwood Mac Reunion, and this was  one of the
sessions that led the group to decide to get back together in their
classic lineup for 1996's "The Dance" Concert/TV special.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bernhardt's axiom-"A moderately famous person who shares a relatively unique surname with a more famous person is more likely than not to be related to that famous person"

Bernhardt's axiom states that "A moderately famous person who shares a relatively unique surname with a more famous person is more likely than not to be related to that famous person". It usually works, I have found.

 When you hear about somebody new in the news with the surname of famous person they are usually related to them, so much so that is standard journalistic practice to often state it when they are not related to a famous person. The only people this axiom  doesn't work with are  people with relatively common names.

Examples include Alan and Robin Thicke, Mika and Zbignew Brzezinski ,  David and Rush Limbaugh, Chris and Mike  Wallace, Steve R. McQueen and Steve McQueen, Julian  and Andrew  Lloyd Webber, Charlie and Martin Sheen,   The Udall family,  Jerry  and Ben Stiller,  Nick and George  Clooney, Lucian and Anna Freud and numerous others.

An example where it isn't true is Brandi Chastain and Jessica Chastain.  Another example if Mark Hamill and Pete Hamill. The Hamill's and the Chastain's are not releated.

(Originally published July 6, 2012.)