Monday, October 22, 2012

The Way

 I spent a lot of time traveling in Europe, but like Hoyt Axton I have , "Never Been to Spain".  Perhaps that is why I have  never heard of the legendary El Camino de Santiago (The way of St. James) till a few days ago. The road is  a thousand year old Christian pilgrimage   route, that hikers of all faiths take in the North of Spain. The 2010 fictional  movie  The Way depicts the journey of a man on this path. 

It's a simple but inspiring film, that reminded me a little of recent  road trip films The Trip, and Sideways.. All three films feature people traveling through beautiful countrysides. I enjoyed this film. Martin Sheen, of course, radiates faith and goodness, even when he is playing a grouchy lapsed Catholic.  The director/writer, Emilio Estevez, kept the story as simple as possible. The film could very well be the journey of many a  traveler on the Camino de Santiago, because nothing spectacular happens other than an event not shown in the film, the death of the main character's son.  One scene that struck me was early in the film, when Sheen's character, encounters a make shift cross, I wasn't sure if it was the spot his son died, but that's what felt like.

The film was directed by former brat-packer, Emilio Estevez, who  happens to be Martin Sheen's son, Martin Sheen's real name is Ramón Estevez, but you knew that..

Maybe they need to send Charlie Sheen on this journey...

Promotional Trailer for The Way.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sailing Nantucket Sound

 This is a new book written by Bobbi McPeak about  the Endeavor,  a Nantucket town tourist boat.

The Endeavor is a friendship sloop that  provides short cruises  out of Nantucket Harbor, every few hours during summer days.

It's route  is actually quite short and simple. The book compares it to a bus ride. The sloop sails  out of Nantucket  harbor, and  makes a short trip out into the Sound.  No more than two hours and your back on the dock.

Despite it's simplicity, Captain  Jim Genthner makes the ride a  special one.  The boat  he built himself  is small but beautiful, you sit right on top of  water, and will often get wet.  Genthner just laughs when that happens in a infectious manner.  If anybody wants to help with the sails their welcome to help out the first mate. Genthner will give short impromptu lectures on sailing or whaling, or Nantucket history while piloting the boat .  

Thirty five  years ago, my Aunt and Uncle took me for the first time to visit the Massachusetts  island of Nantucket. It's a place  with a  special character.  The island is a place without a stoplight or a McDonald's. Tourists often get around on scooters, bike or bus.  The island is shaped  like the slingshot curve of a skater about  to make a jump. All roads spiral out from the main town and spiral out to the beach side villages of Madaket, Surfside, and Sconset. The main street in town is paved with cobblestones.

It was a simple place, but over the past quarter century has become exclusive. In the past couple of decades it has become a popular locale for the super-rich to own property.  So that's what it had become by the time my brother and I visited it a few years ago.  It is expensive to stay there or eat there.  But on occasion, you feel like it is worth it for  a cruise on the Endeavor is a  revelatory experience.

The Endeavor's

On the Endeavor by Jim S. Bernhardt


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Five Words

Five words -bundle, fisherman, dragon, pickle and of course, onion....
And. of course-makes  it eight.
Is Eight truly enough?

A Bundle of spangled star light chicken of the sea rounds the Cape of Good  Hope. A Fisherman lost on the Horn  of Hope

Lost Hopes, Lost Promises, Lost Luggage.. Lost in the Woods, Tiger Woods. The Tin Woodmen, Woodman?
Woody Woodpecker, Woody from Cheers, I preferred Coach.

Please find my luggage which it says here that I have left on the Chicken Sea.....

Dragon's breath like toasted bagels...

Pickles a soup, a  delicacy it seemed but nothing more than something extreme...

Onion Soup with cheese on the top, it's over it's over -please stop!

Ok-this is over....