Monday, October 22, 2012

The Way

 I spent a lot of time traveling in Europe, but like Hoyt Axton I have , "Never Been to Spain".  Perhaps that is why I have  never heard of the legendary El Camino de Santiago (The way of St. James) till a few days ago. The road is  a thousand year old Christian pilgrimage   route, that hikers of all faiths take in the North of Spain. The 2010 fictional  movie  The Way depicts the journey of a man on this path. 

It's a simple but inspiring film, that reminded me a little of recent  road trip films The Trip, and Sideways.. All three films feature people traveling through beautiful countrysides. I enjoyed this film. Martin Sheen, of course, radiates faith and goodness, even when he is playing a grouchy lapsed Catholic.  The director/writer, Emilio Estevez, kept the story as simple as possible. The film could very well be the journey of many a  traveler on the Camino de Santiago, because nothing spectacular happens other than an event not shown in the film, the death of the main character's son.  One scene that struck me was early in the film, when Sheen's character, encounters a make shift cross, I wasn't sure if it was the spot his son died, but that's what felt like.

The film was directed by former brat-packer, Emilio Estevez, who  happens to be Martin Sheen's son, Martin Sheen's real name is Ramón Estevez, but you knew that..

Maybe they need to send Charlie Sheen on this journey...

Promotional Trailer for The Way.

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