Monday, November 19, 2012

Does anybody remember Barbi Benton!

Barbi Benton was a  minor 1970's cult icon.  She was Hugh Hefner's most noted  girlfriend, but had enough charm and talent to achieve some minor success as a country/pop singer and actress. The video  here is her top five country hit with the song "Brass Buckles". Benton  was noted also for guest shots on Playboy after Dark,  Hee Haw, Love Boat and Fantasy Island.  Many of the B-List of the 1970's frequented those two last shows. Benton  even starred in a short lived late 1970's sitcom called Sugar Time. As her  career wound down she  also appeared in  a few forgettable B-movies.
The cast of Sugar Time
 One thing that surprised me about her (though it seemed like she was southern girl) is that she is actually Jewish. Her real last name is Klein.

The cover of her third studio album.

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