Tuesday, December 11, 2012

NPR correspondents

Sylvia Pogolli-the dean of unusual names at NPR.
Ever notice how NPR correspondents have lots of unusual and distinctive names. Why is this? Well, I suppose there are many reasons. NPR has a lot of reporters and hosts  to start with, perhaps more than any other American radio news organization.  NPR has lots of female correspondents many of whom use what seems to be their maiden names.  NPR also has more than a few  correspondents who speak a second language, who often have ethnic sounding names.  Finally the names just sound more exotic, when spoken by professional radio announcers... More on this later....

Sylvia Poggoli- one the coolest of NPR's reporters, though she spent much of the of past decade telling us about Silvio Berlosconi...

 Neal Conan, host, Talk of the Nation is not a barbarian...
 Audie Cornish, host, All Things Considered-is this girl or a boy, I forget....
 Ira Flatow, host, Science Friday-obviously didn't get the lecture from Broadcasting school about getting a on air  bland  name... 

Renée Montagne, co-host, Morning Edition-this elegant name even rhymes...
 Michele Norris, host, All Things Considered - her Name reminds me of Nichelle Nichols
Korva Colman-nicely alliterative , and how many Korva's are there out there..
Daniel  Zwerdling-what is a Zwerdling? 
Guy Raz- he's the very sleepy host for Weekends at All things considered or whatever they are calling it now....
Bob Boilen -Music  on NPR should be banned...they somehow manage make the music of  new artists seem boring...
Yuki Nogichi-she should be anime director..
Frank Langfitt- this name annoys me I keep thinking it should Langford. Plus there is already a Frank Deford...
Dave Davies-Fresh Air fill in guy-normal name, but of course, reminds one of the Kinks guitarist
Wayne Goodwyn- a correspondent for the whole state of Texas-who would thought there was that much going on done there.

Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson-She speaks Persian, so they stuck her in Afghanistan.
Neda Ulaby- Never heard  that last name anywhere else  have you
Ketzel Levine-Pretzel no Ketzel!. 
Lakshmi Singh- news reader-great voice -hard to spell name.  Sounds like a singing door knob. 
Karen Grigbys Bates- The Grigsby makes it sound just a little more intersting... 
Mandalit del Barco- I think that's English for the Bank Of Mandalay...
Lourdes Garcia-Navarro, Foreign Correspondent, Jerusalem-yeah, I think she is Hispanic...
Diane Rehm- a rarity a radio broadcaster  who actually looks better than she sounds... 
Corey Flintoff- a TV  Western name for this news reader...
Tom Gjelton- Does he really need the silent "G"?
Ann Taylor-her name sounded like a department store-but she must have retired... 

and the winner for the coolest NPR Correspondent name -

Ofeibea Quist-Arcton, Foreign Correspondent, Dakar -yeah she is actually stationed there in 

Below is song parody that actually makes light of this fascinating issue...

THE NPR name song...


Monday, November 19, 2012

Does anybody remember Barbi Benton!

Barbi Benton was a  minor 1970's cult icon.  She was Hugh Hefner's most noted  girlfriend, but had enough charm and talent to achieve some minor success as a country/pop singer and actress. The video  here is her top five country hit with the song "Brass Buckles". Benton  was noted also for guest shots on Playboy after Dark,  Hee Haw, Love Boat and Fantasy Island.  Many of the B-List of the 1970's frequented those two last shows. Benton  even starred in a short lived late 1970's sitcom called Sugar Time. As her  career wound down she  also appeared in  a few forgettable B-movies.
The cast of Sugar Time
 One thing that surprised me about her (though it seemed like she was southern girl) is that she is actually Jewish. Her real last name is Klein.

The cover of her third studio album.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Way

 I spent a lot of time traveling in Europe, but like Hoyt Axton I have , "Never Been to Spain".  Perhaps that is why I have  never heard of the legendary El Camino de Santiago (The way of St. James) till a few days ago. The road is  a thousand year old Christian pilgrimage   route, that hikers of all faiths take in the North of Spain. The 2010 fictional  movie  The Way depicts the journey of a man on this path. 

It's a simple but inspiring film, that reminded me a little of recent  road trip films The Trip, and Sideways.. All three films feature people traveling through beautiful countrysides. I enjoyed this film. Martin Sheen, of course, radiates faith and goodness, even when he is playing a grouchy lapsed Catholic.  The director/writer, Emilio Estevez, kept the story as simple as possible. The film could very well be the journey of many a  traveler on the Camino de Santiago, because nothing spectacular happens other than an event not shown in the film, the death of the main character's son.  One scene that struck me was early in the film, when Sheen's character, encounters a make shift cross, I wasn't sure if it was the spot his son died, but that's what felt like.

The film was directed by former brat-packer, Emilio Estevez, who  happens to be Martin Sheen's son, Martin Sheen's real name is Ramón Estevez, but you knew that..

Maybe they need to send Charlie Sheen on this journey...

Promotional Trailer for The Way.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sailing Nantucket Sound

 This is a new book written by Bobbi McPeak about  the Endeavor,  a Nantucket town tourist boat.

The Endeavor is a friendship sloop that  provides short cruises  out of Nantucket Harbor, every few hours during summer days.

It's route  is actually quite short and simple. The book compares it to a bus ride. The sloop sails  out of Nantucket  harbor, and  makes a short trip out into the Sound.  No more than two hours and your back on the dock.

Despite it's simplicity, Captain  Jim Genthner makes the ride a  special one.  The boat  he built himself  is small but beautiful, you sit right on top of  water, and will often get wet.  Genthner just laughs when that happens in a infectious manner.  If anybody wants to help with the sails their welcome to help out the first mate. Genthner will give short impromptu lectures on sailing or whaling, or Nantucket history while piloting the boat .  

Thirty five  years ago, my Aunt and Uncle took me for the first time to visit the Massachusetts  island of Nantucket. It's a place  with a  special character.  The island is a place without a stoplight or a McDonald's. Tourists often get around on scooters, bike or bus.  The island is shaped  like the slingshot curve of a skater about  to make a jump. All roads spiral out from the main town and spiral out to the beach side villages of Madaket, Surfside, and Sconset. The main street in town is paved with cobblestones.

It was a simple place, but over the past quarter century has become exclusive. In the past couple of decades it has become a popular locale for the super-rich to own property.  So that's what it had become by the time my brother and I visited it a few years ago.  It is expensive to stay there or eat there.  But on occasion, you feel like it is worth it for  a cruise on the Endeavor is a  revelatory experience.

The Endeavor's website-www.endeavorsailing.com/

On the Endeavor by Jim S. Bernhardt


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Five Words

Five words -bundle, fisherman, dragon, pickle and of course, onion....
And. of course-makes  it eight.
Is Eight truly enough?

A Bundle of spangled star light chicken of the sea rounds the Cape of Good  Hope. A Fisherman lost on the Horn  of Hope

Lost Hopes, Lost Promises, Lost Luggage.. Lost in the Woods, Tiger Woods. The Tin Woodmen, Woodman?
Woody Woodpecker, Woody from Cheers, I preferred Coach.

Please find my luggage which it says here that I have left on the Chicken Sea.....

Dragon's breath like toasted bagels...

Pickles a soup, a  delicacy it seemed but nothing more than something extreme...

Onion Soup with cheese on the top, it's over it's over -please stop!

Ok-this is over....

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Keys to the White House

Some people are surprised that Barack Obama was a  odds on favorite to be reelected, even before Mitt Romney's recent run of gaffes. Some were surprised that Obama got reelected.
After all the economy has not gotten any better, the Federal deficit has a been added to at a rate of trillion dollars a year, and other than the Affordable Health Care Act, there has not been much in the way of hope and change.

It may be surprising but it is predictable.  Allan Lichtman developed a method for determining who will win  the presidency in his book, The Keys to the White House.

The book has been updated for 2012.

According to the Wikipedia summary-

  "The  Keys are based on the theory that that presidential election results turn primarily on the performance of the party controlling the White House and that campaigning by challenging or incumbent-party candidates will have no impact on results. According to this theory, a pragmatic American electorate chooses a president based on the performance of the party holding the White House as measured by the consequential events and episodes of a term - economic boom and bust, foreign policy successes and failures, social unrest, scandal, and policy innovation."

So basically whatever candidates do has little effect.  The result will be the same.

The Keys are statements that favor the re election of the incumbent party. When five or fewer statements are false, the incumbent party wins. When six or more are false, the challenging party wins.  I scored here whether or not they were True or False..
  1. Party Mandate: After the midterm elections, the incumbent party holds more seats in the U.S. House of Representatives than after the previous midterm elections. FALSE
  2. Contest: There is no serious contest for the incumbent party nomination. TRUE
  3. Incumbency: The incumbent party candidate is the sitting president. TRUE
  4. Third party: There is no significant third party or independent campaign.  TRUE
  5. Short term economy: The economy is not in recession during the election campaign. FALSE
  6. Long term economy: Real per capita economic growth during the term equals or exceeds mean growth during the previous two terms. FALSE
  7. Policy change: The incumbent administration effects major changes in national policy. TRUE
  8. Social unrest: There is no sustained social unrest during the term. TRUE
  9. Scandal: The incumbent administration is untainted by major scandal. TRUE
  10. Foreign/military failure: The incumbent administration suffers no major failure in foreign or military affairs. TRUE
  11. Foreign/military success: The incumbent administration achieves a major success in foreign or military affairs.  TOSSUP but let's say FALSE
  12. Incumbent charisma: The incumbent party candidate is charismatic or a national hero. TOSSUP, but let say TRUE
  13. Challenger charisma: The challenging party candidate is not charismatic or a national hero. TRUE... Mitt Romney is not a national hero...
So that's how I scored it....four and half bad things for President OBAMA.  According to this model he will be reelected.  The economy may be bad, but his party is united, his opponent's party is not, there have been no major scandals or botched wars, and there have at least a few accomplishments. Obama may not be popular as he once was, but there still many people who will make the positive choice to vote for him. 

The model explains why George W. Bush got reelected in 2004, and why George H.W.Bush did not get reelected in 1992. Indeed the formula has predicted the popular vote for every election since 1860.

Here's a link to article in the New York Times that has more discussion of the Keys.


I remember Chevy Chase

I remember being driven by my father in our car over a river ford in Rock Creek Park.

I remember  making cinnamon Easter eggs in second grade at Lafayette Elementary School.

I remember climbing up small cliffs with roots hanging out of them and imagining  that the cliff was  a  mountain.

I remember  thinking a  strange sink was a urinal in Junior high School.

I remember falling off a metal chain rope on a parking lot onto concrete when I was seven.
It really hurt.

I remember playing with Elizabeth Wansong at Lafayette.  I remember her long pulled back hair  and  her smile.

I remember pretending  my closet was a space ship.

I remember driving to a small amusement park or swimming pool, that my parent's expected to find, and when we got there it was totally gone.

I remember buying oatmeal cookies from a big barrel at Broad  Branch  Market.

I remember regularly buying a yellow bag of   firm smallish tasty fresh chocolate chip cookies from Giant Food in the 1970's. They don't make them anymore.

Note:the river ford closed in 1996.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Neil Armstrong dies...

Neil as taken by Buzz Aldrin.

August 25, 2012 -The reluctant hero has died.

Neil Armstrong, has died at the age of 82.  The former Navy pilot and engineer   was the first man to walk on the moon.  Hey, but you knew that...

What always struck me is that didn't really want to be a hero.  Of course, many of the astronauts were like that, they knew that they were just glorified space monkeys.  The rocket ship could be sent up without them, or with them either way it  would still get there.  The astronauts were just a small part of a large team of people getting those rockets to the moon. Indeed, a whole nation can take credit.  As Paul Simon once put it, America, was "the ship that sailed the moon." Twenty Five Billion  (1969) dollars had been spent in pursuit of the goal.

 Armstrong  was more than a space monkey-he actually had to pilot his ship,the lunar module, called  the Eagle,  to safety.   They were  having trouble with the original planned landing site, and Armstrong, ended  up having to  improvise a landing site.  The fuel supply on the Eagle was getting to the point where the landing would have to be aborted, but Armstrong finally found a good spot to land. So, he was not just a space monkey.  Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin  spent less than a day on the moon   and returned home to Earth.  The Apollo 11 mission  was  the first  of six successful landings on the moon.  

Many people who were alive then,  remember where they were  when they saw  the landing on July 20, 1969. I don't  remember exactly where I was.  I remember that sometimes they brought all the kids in school together to watch some of the space missions. Since it was summer, I was  probably watching the TV that been set up in my brother's room.  Neil actually put his foot on the moon at 9:56 PM EST. The landings were  conveyed on TV in B&W  and were  blurry, but they were  still impressive.

In light of our current day culture where you can be famous just for being famous, it is important to remember that fame is fleeting, but true  accomplishment is not. I salute Neil Armstrong and all the  brave men and women of the American Space Program!

Prince William still going bald, Bieber and Camilla object.

A prominent citizen of the commonwealth objects to Prince William's hair loss!

 Going Bald...

 I must say it's rather traumatic to see Prince William go bald.  And now, apparently he is getting grief from two of the most hated people in the world. Justin Bieber, and Camilla (the hated consort of Prince Charles) have recently suggested that something needs to be done about his hair.   Camilla says he should get a wig, and Bieber suggests that the Prince needs to take Propecia.  Bieber said, "I don't know why he doesn't just get those things, those products. You just take Propecia and your hair grows back. Have you not got it over here?" Hmm...but... I still think Kate Middleton is better looking than Selena Gomez.  And Camilla well she ain't no Lady Di!


Ten years ago Wills  was the world's most eligible bachelor , and now he is this average looking guy with a an advancing bald spot. ( His brother, Harry still has a full head of orange hair. That's rather strange, are we sure they're related?)  One website, had the audacity to suggest that his advancing baldness is why Wills  rushed to get Kate to marry him, as if  eventually being the Queen of England wasn't enough for Kate.

 I just don't  like it when people get older, perhaps that's  because my father looked the same almost the whole time I knew him.  I find it weird when one year somebody has hair and a few years later it is all gone. I'm thinking here of Michael Stipe, or Peter Gabriel, or Bruce Willis.  Women  have a different  problem,  there always  just rushing to change their hair color. Is there  a point to this post, no not really. But I do  hope Kate won't be changing her hair color soon. 



Kate please don't dye your hair.!
Sadly, Not Hot....You might have to avert your eyes on this one!

(Update:November 2013-Kate let gray roots show in a few photos-and right away-people were demanding she dye her hair-the horror-the horror!)

Article from New Felpin Pond...

Also visit our website ABBA-The Albums...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jerome Bixby's man from earth...

Imagine what it would  be like to be a man that lived on Earth, but never died.   It's a concept that the late Science Fiction writer Jerome Bixby explored twice.  

His first go at this idea was in the script for the 1969 Star Trek episode, "Requiem for Methuselah".
The Enterprise encounters, Flint, a character played with eloquence by James Daly. They discover, that his character, is effectively immortal, and that over his many life times has actually been many  famous men, including, among others,"Solomon, Alexander, Lazarus, Methuselah, Merlin".

The episode itself, is flawed  by low production values, and with it's focus on a silly fight over a android female,  but the concept of an immortal man is wonderful, and  Bixby and Daly capture the  arrogance, and  grace of  a man who has seen it all.   There is some elegant dialogue in the piece, including a little noted scene at the end where, McCoy and Spock are seen  reacting to a sleeping but emotionally distraught Captain Kirk, who has become heartbroken from seeing  the android woman he loved die of confusion.  

McCoy tells Spock that  he feels more sorry for the unemotional Vulcan than  the heartbroken Captain.

"You see, I feel sorrier for you than I do for him...
because you'll never know the things that love can drive a man to :
the ecstasies, the miseries,
the broken rules, the desperate chances,
the glorious failures, the glorious victories.
All of these things you'll never know...
simply because the word "love" isn't written into your book"

But actually, Spock does understand  as he as half-human, and at the end Spock  is seen using the Vulcan mind meld, to make the Captain forget. 

The concept of an almost  immortal character, was clearly something that needed to be explored  further, and Bixby came back to it as his last project.

Right before Jerome Bixby died in 1998, he finished a script called"Man from Earth" about a similar character,  to Flint. A movie, was made of the script in 2007.  The script is actually very simple, it features a professor, named John, revealing the  secret of his near immortality  to  a group of  mostly college professor  friends.  They are quite skeptical of his claim, but nonetheless, humor John  long enough to  allow the group to explore the  idea.  It is rare for a script to just let characters sit down and talk and  analyze one idea. 

The movie has  been well received by those who have seen it,  which so far has not been  too many people, since the movie, has had only a  limited theatrical release.    I do recommend that you see this movie  if you like intellectually stimulating movies.   The movie is  of interest to  Star Trek fans since not only did Bixby write it  but also  since it stars at least four actors who have appeared in recent Star Trek series; most notably, John Billingsley (Dr.Phlox) and Tony Todd (Worf's brother)  The only irritating thing about the movie, is that has quite a atheistic slant, but that's a minor criticism.  

Additional note: Trekkies will know this of course, but Jerome Bixby was one of the most important script  writers of  the original Star Trek series , he wrote four episodes including the famous  2nd season episode,  
" Mirror Mirror" which introduced a parallel universe to the Star Trek myth, and brought us the fascinating idea of Spock with a beard. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mary Kate

Where are you? Who's pocket are you in?  My little red  haired girl with the eyes of green or blue....
I keep finding your brothers, but I keep not  finding you.... Where are you hiding?  Or where have you gone? Are you  somewhere far in the future, or far in the past, or simply not at all?  I can not will you to exist, but you exist in my heart. My heart aches for you....

I wrote this when we discovered that our latest child , and  hopefully last child, was going   to be a boy.  

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Track listing for Star Trek Music Box set.

Click on the tracks underlined in blue, to hear  samples from the Soundtrack collection. 

The Cage
Music Composed and Conducted by Alexander Courage
Episode #1, Recorded 1/21/65
  1. Main Title* M10 1:00
  2. Dr. Bartender M11 1:23
  3. Survivors M21 1:45
  4. Prime Specimen/Bottled M22–30/M31 5:08
  5. Probing/Monster Illusion/Monster Fight/The Kibitzers M41/M42/M43/M44 5:40
  6. Long Look/Vina's Punishment M45/M51 2:02
  7. Pike's Punishment M52 0:36
  8. The Picnic M53 2:17
  9. True Love M61 1:24
  10. Vina's Dance M62 1:56
  11. Torchy Girl/Under the Spell/Primitive Thoughts M63/M71/M72 1:10
  12. Wrong Think M73 0:43
  13. To Catch a T. M74 1:24
  14. Going Up M75 1:10
  15. Max's Factor M81 2:12
  16. Who Was Eve & End Credits* M82 1:32
    Total Time: 32:01

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    Where No Man Has Gone Before
    Music Composed and Conducted by Alexander Courage
    Episode #2, Recorded 11/29/65
    Aired #3, 9/22/66
  17. Beyond the Pale (No Man Before)/Main Title M11/M12 1:06
  18. Act 1 Card M13 0:37
  19. Episode Titles M14 1:23
  20. Force Field/Silver Orbs (Zooms Past) M15–20/M21 4:06
  21. Crippled Ship M22 0:56
  22. The Patient/Speedy Reader M23/M24 1:49
  23. Some Corpse M31 2:21
  24. Decision/Playtime/Megalomania/Stronger and Stronger/Hit the Button M32/M41/M42/M43/M44 3:03
  25. On Delta Vega/Strangle by Wire M51/M52 1:14
  26. When Your Eyes Have Turned to Silver M53 1:01
  27. Instant Paradise M54 2:56
  28. Power Mad/Situation Grave/Epilogue M61/M62/M63 6:09
  29. End Title M64 0:23
  30. . End Credits M65 0:21
    Total Time: 27:58
    Total Disc Time: 60:06
The Man Trap
Music Composed and Conducted by Alexander Courage
Episode #6, Recorded 8/19/66
Aired #1, 9/8/66
  1. Main Title* (electric violin version) 0:50
  2. Small Planet Visit/The Changeling M10/M11 3:26
  3. Episode Titles/Genuine Affection M12/M13 0:59
  4. First Goner/Salty Cat/Dressing Down M14–21/M22/M23 1:52
  5. Circle One/Monitor Gizzard/Down Again/Grey to Greene M24/M25/M26/M31 3:16
  6. Salt Chaser M32 1:34
  7. Noisy Plant M33 1:05
  8. At First Sight/Pill Tosser M34/M35–41 2:52
  9. Nancy Schmancy M42 1:54
  10. The Unreal McCoy M43 2:02
  11. Top Security/Lazer Dazer/Dodo Girl M44/M45–51/M52 4:02
  12. Conference M53 4:47
  13. Dead Crater/Last of the Last M54/M61 4:13
  14. Warp One* M62 0:43
  15. Trailer ("The Man Trap") 1:02
    Total Time: 35:15

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    The Naked Time
    Music Composed and Conducted by Alexander Courage
    Episode #7, Recorded 8/31/66
    Aired #4, 9/29/66
  16. Brass Monkeys*/Out of Glove M10/M11 2:58
  17. Breaking Planet*/Sweaty Palm/Itchy Hand M12/M13/M14 1:20
  18. Joe Berserk M21 3:01
  19. Pulled Down*/It Spreads M22/M23 1:12
  20. Joe Goes/Sulu Finks Out M24/M31 1:00
  21. Up the Rebels/D'Artagnan-san M32/M33 3:09
  22. Banana Farm M34 2:11
  23. Out of Control/Lurch Time/Punchy Kid M41/M42/M43 1:48
  24. .Party Time M44 1:34
  25. Medicine Girl/Hot Skin M45–51/M52 4:29
  26. Off the Cloud M53 1:06
  27. Captain's Wig M54–61 4:01
  28. The Big Go M62 2:42
  29. Time Reverse*/Future Risk and End Title* M63/M64 1:45
  30. Trailer ("Mudd's Women") 1:02
  31. End Title* (electric violin version) 0:46
    Total Time: 34:44
    Total Disc Time: 70:07

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
Charlie X
Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
Episode #8, Recorded 8/29/66
Aired #2, 8/15/66
  1. Main Title* (cello version, arr./cond. Steiner) 0:51
  2. Space Orbit+/Charlie X/That's a Girl M10/M11+M11S/M12+M12 chimes 1:20
  3. Kirk's Command/Charlie's Mystery/Charlie's Gift M13/M14+M14S/M15–20 3:03
  4. Card Tricks M22 1:40
  5. Zap the Antares/Kirk Is Worried M23+M23S/M24 0:46
  6. Kirk's Command #2/Chess Game M31/M32+M32S 1:33
  7. Charlie's Yen M33 1:04
  8. Kirk Puzzled M34 0:51
  9. Zap Sam/Zap the Pistol M41/M42 1:37
  10. Standoff M43 1:12
  11. Kirk Waits/Charlie in Control M44/M45 1:08
  12. Charlie's Mad M51 1:10
  13. Zap Janice M52 0:56
  14. Zap the Cap M53 1:32
  15. Zap the Spaceship M54 1:26
  16. Zap the Broad/Charlie's Friend M55/M61 2:02
  17. Goodbye Charlie/Finale+ M62/M63 1:50
    Total Time: 24:40

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
    +Based on a Theme by Alexander Courage

    Mudd's Women
    Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
    Episode #4, Recorded 9/7/66
    Aired #6, 10/13/66
  18. Distant Spaceship/Hint of Danger M11/M12 0:55
  19. Still in Danger/Meet Mr. Mudd/Three Venuses M13/M14/M15 1:58
  20. Venus Walks/Hello Girls M16/M21 1:29
  21. Venus Aboard/Exit Mr. Mudd/Venus Aboard #2/Strange Glances/The Last Crystal/Mudd Laffs M22/M23/M24/M24A/M31/M32 2:50
  22. Hello Ruth M33 1:03
  23. Eve to Magda/Mudd Plan/Mudd's Perfidy M34–41/M42/M43 1:07
  24. The Venus Drug/Dwindling Power M44/M45 3:02
  25. Planet Rigel M51 0:43
  26. Space Radio M52 2:45
  27. Planet Rigel #2/Eve Is Out M53/M54 1:19
  28. Eve Cooks/Eve Is Tired/Pretty Eve M55/M56–61/M62 3:06
  29. Mudd's Farewell/Back in Orbit+ M63/M64 1:20
    Total Time: 22:01

    +Based on a Theme by Alexander Courage

    The Corbomite Maneuver
    Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
    Episode #3, Recorded 9/20/66
    Aired #10, 11/10/66
  30. Space Cube/Condition Alert M12/M13 1:22
  31. Quiet Cube/Radiation M12A/M23A 1:10
  32. Cube Radiation M23 1:20
  33. Fesarius/Fesarius Approaches M31/M31A 2:06
  34. Hideous Balok M33 0:27
  35. Baby Balok M61A 0:35
    Total Time: 7:11

    Balance of Terror
    Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
    Episode #9, Recorded 9/20/66
    Aired #14, 12/15/66
  36. The Enterprise/In the Chapel+ M11/M11A 1:23
  37. Romulan Agitato 9MB 0:58
  38. Romulan B.G. 9MC 0:41
  39. Romulan Theme M22 0:56
  40. Theme From Star Trek*/Romulan Warship/Romulan Theme 9MA pt 4/M31/M22A tk 3 0:56
  41. Romulan Centurion M43 0:32
    Total Time: 5:35

    What Are Little Girls Made Of
    Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
    Episode #10, Recorded 9/20/66
    Aired #7, 10/20/66
  42. Big Ruk M17A/M17/M17B 0:56
  43. Meet Andrea/Android Kirk M22/M22A/M42 1:10
  44. Ruk Protect/Ruk Attacks M43/M43A 3:18
  45. Ruk Attacks/Enter Andrea M43AB/M54 1:47
  46. End Title* (cello version, arr./cond. Steiner) 0:45
  47. Desilu I.D. (Wilbur Hatch) 0:04
    Total Time: 8:11
    Total Disc Time: 68:04

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
    +Contains "Long, Long Ago" by Thomas Haynes Baly and "Bridal Chorus" by Richard Wagner
The Enemy Within
Music Composed and Conducted by Sol Kaplan
Episode #5, Recorded 9/14/66
Aired #5, 10/6/66
  1. The Rock Slide*/Beam Up*/The Evil Kirk M11/M12/M13 1:11
  2. Alter Ego* M14 1:00
  3. The Tired Captain* M15 0:42
  4. Brandy M16 0:48
  5. The Lascivious Captain M17–21 2:37
  6. Bruised Knuckles/An Impostor M22/M23 1:34
  7. Kirk's Log*/Indecisive/Evil Fury M24/M31/M32 2:47
  8. Confrontation M33 2:17
  9. The Prone Body*/Shivering Sulu*/No Repair M34–41/M42/M43 0:37
  10. What to Do * M44 0:42
  11. Another Brandy/The Evil Grin/Double Dog Death* M45/M46/M51 1:24
  12. Spock Takes Over*/Help Me* M52/M53 2:03
  13. Evil Triumphs M54–61 1:05
  14. Two Into One* M62 2:18
  15. One Captain Kirk*/Thank You, Yeoman* M63/M64 1:19
    Total Time: 22:58

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    The Conscience of the King
    Music Composed and Conducted by Joseph Mullendore
    Episode #13, Recorded 11/2/66
    Aired #13, 12/8/66
  16. Dagger Sweet'ner/Go for Baroque/Play-Off #1 M11A/M11/M12 1:26
  17. Spaceship Titles*/Dr. Leighton's Face/Bridge #1* M13/M14/M15 1:11
  18. Quasi-Sex* (Theme From Star Trek, jazz version; Courage/Roddenberry, arr. Mullendore) LM5 1:37
  19. Lenore M16–21 1:45
  20. Kirk and Lenore*/He's Dead M22/M23 1:42
  21. Spaceship*/5 Sex and a 1/2 Play-Off #2* M24/M25/M26 1:10
  22. Spaceship Play-On*/Toast and Corridor*/Lenore's Kiss/Short Bridge M27/M31/M32/M33 2:31
  23. Beyond Antares (Wilbur Hatch; vocal: Nichelle Nichols) MV1R 2:36
  24. Poison M41 0:37
  25. Play-On #2*/Quick Ship*/Phaser Overload M42/M43/M44 1:39
  26. Kodos /Voice Test M45/M46 1:33
  27. Everything Is Later*/Play-Off #3* M51/M52 1:52
  28. Ship Play-On*/Woodwind Fanfare/Reilly Gone M53/M54/M55 1:09
  29. Go for Baroque M11 (M56) 1:25
  30. I Know That Voice/All Ghosts Dead M57/M58–61 3:02
  31. Opheliamania*/Bridge #2*/Last Cue* M62/M63/M64 3:01
    Total Time: 28:51

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    Shore Leave
    Music Composed and Conducted by Gerald Fried
    Episode #17, Recorded 12/2/66
    Aired #15, 12/29/66
  32. New Planet/Rabbit Music M10A/10B 2:21
  33. School Chum/Finnegan M23/M23A 1:40
  34. 2nd Ruth (Ruth) M31A 2:38
  35. Old English/Tiger/Costume/Birds/Samurai M33/M33A/M33B/M34/M34A 3:51
  36. Knight/Joust M41/M41A 1:27
  37. Dummy/Like Real M43/M44 0:56
  38. A Clue/Finnegan's Return/The Leg Trick/Dirt Trick M45–50 Pt. 1/M45–50 Pt. 2/M51/M53 4:34
  39. Tiger Thoughts/Strafing/2nd Samurai/Caretaker/Lazarus M55–60/M55–60A/M55–60B/M61/M62 2:02
  40. 2nd Ruth/Ruth to Commercial (2nd Ruth) M31A/M24B 0:49
    Total Time: 20:34
    Total Disc Time: 72:36
The City on the Edge of Forever
Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
Interpolating "Goodnight, Sweetheart" by Jimmy Campbell, Reginald Connelly and Ray Noble
Episode #28, Recorded 3/24/67
Aired #28, 4/6/67
  1. Main Title* (cello version; Courage/Roddenberry, arr. Steiner) 0:52
    2006 Recording Conducted and Produced by Gregory Smith
  2. New York 1930 M26–30+M26–30B 1:37
  3. Edith's Theme M33 1:25
  4. Edith Suspects M43 1:20
  5. Goodnight, Sweetheart (vocal)+ M44 1:28
  6. Edith's Fate/Edith Must Die M47/M47A 1:16
  7. Edith's Vision M51 0:45
  8. Edith Falls M61 0:55
  9. Edith's Death M65 0:37
    Total Time: 10:38

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
    +Contains "Goodnight, Sweetheart" by Jimmy Campbell, Reginald Connelly and Ray Noble, published by Campbell, Connelly Inc. and EMI Robbins Catalog Inc. (ASCAP).

    First Season Library Music
    Music Composed by Joseph Mullendore
  10. Impension* LM1 1:10
  11. Lonely to Dramatic* LM3 1:27
  12. Romantic Scene* LM6 0:46
  13. Pensive Mood* 13LM2 2:09
  14. Play-Off (with button)* 13LM5 0:15
  15. Play-Off (with sustain)* 13LM5A 0:18

    Music Composed by Wilbur Hatch
  16. Love Scene* 13LHM3 1:29
  17. Humoresque* 13LHM7 0:43
  18. Humoresque (tag)* 13LHM7A 0:13
    Total Time (10–18): 8:48

    Tracks 10–12 and disc 4, track 18 recorded with "The Corbomite Maneuver," "Balance of Terror" and "What Are Little Girls Made Of "
    Tracks 13–18 recorded with "The Consience of the King"

    Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
    From "Charlie X":
  19. That's a Girl M12X 0:42
  20. Kirk's Command M13X 0:57
  21. Charlie's Mystery M14X 0:45
  22. Kirk Puzzled M34X 0:38
  23. Kirk Puzzled M34Y 0:22
  24. Kirk Puzzled M34Z 0:15
  25. Zap Sam M41X 1:01
  26. Zap the Pistol M42X tk 1 0:42
  27. Zap the Pistol M42X tk 2 0:11
  28. Standoff M43X 0:54
  29. Standoff M43Y 0:17
  30. Standoff M43Z 0:08
  31. Zap Janice M52X 1:00
  32. Zap the Spaceship M54X tk 1 0:08
  33. Zap the Spaceship M54X tk 2 0:04
  34. Charlie's Friend M61X tk 1 0:40
  35. Charlie's Friend M61X tk 3 0:10

    From "Mudd's Women":
  36. The Last Crystal M31X 0:14
  37. The Last Crystal M31X tk 3 0:07

    From "The Corbomite Manuever":
  38. Condition Alert M13A 0:14
  39. Hideous Balok M33A 0:25
  40. Baby Balok M61 0:31

    From "Balance of Terror":
  41. Theme From Star Trek* 9MA pt 1 0:12
  42. Theme From Star Trek* 9MA pt 2 0:14
  43. Theme From Star Trek* 9MA pt 3 0:11
  44. Theme From Star Trek* 9MA pt 4 0:12
  45. Romulan Theme M22/M22A tk 1 0:52

    From "The City on the Edge of Forever":
  46. Edith Must Die M47B 0:12

    Source Music, Sound Effects and Outtakes

    Source Music From "Charlie X":
  47. Weird Guitar M21 (Steiner) 0:12
  48. Charlie Is My Darling M21A/M21B (traditional, arr. Steiner; vocal: Nichelle Nichols) 2:17

    First Season Score Alternates:
  49. Joe Berserk M21 tk 3 (from "The Naked Time," Courage) 0:14
  50. Leg Trick M51/M51A (from "Shore Leave," Fried) 1:02
    Total Time (19–50): 17:14

    The Squire of Gothos
    Source Music Performed by Ivan Ditmars
    Episode #18, Recorded 12/16/66
    Aired #17, 1/12/67
  51. A Major Sonata (Domenico Scarlatti) M21/M21A/M22 1:19
  52. F Minor Sonata (Scarlatti) M31/M32 1:18
  53. Southern Roses (Johann Strauss) M33–40 3:47
    Total Time: 6:29

    The Cage Pre-Recording
  54. Vina's Dance (Wilbur Hatch) 2:09

    Sound Effects
  55. Transporter Effect ("The Cage") M4 tk 3 0:14
  56. Planet Atmosphere ("The Cage") [Series Transporter Effect] M16 tk 3 2:02
  57. Pike Window Bump ("The Cage") M8 tk 1 0:11
  58. Talosian Door Effect ("The Cage") M14 tk 6 0:08
  59. Disappearance Effect ("The Cage") MRV tk 1 0:14
  60. Sickbay Scanner, High ("Where No Man Has Gone Before") MFX3 tk 1 0:33
  61. Sickbay Scanner, Low ("Where No Man Has Gone Before") MFX2 tk 1 0:47

    Unused Sound Effects
  62. Computer Processing ("The Cage") M11 tk 1 0:35
  63. Computer Transmission ("Where No Man Has Gone Before") MFX1 tk 1 0:23
  64. Planet Atmosphere Alternate #1 ("The Cage") M1 tk 1 0:34
  65. Planet Atmosphere Alternate #2 ("The Cage") M2 tk 2 0:34
  66. Planet Atmosphere Alternate #3 ("The Cage") M3 tk 1 0:36
  67. Planet Atmosphere Alternate #4 ("The Cage") M16 tk 4 2:01
  68. Pike Window Bump ("The Cage") M8 tk 2–6 0:14
  69. Bass Twangs ("The Cage") M10 tk 1, 2 0:46

    Sound Effects Rehearsals and Outtakes
  70. Planet Atmosphere ("The Cage") [Series Transporter Effect] M16 tk 2 (Alexander Courage rehearsal) 1:05
  71. Enterprise Fly-By ("The Naked Time") MX1 tk 1 (Alexander Courage vocal effect) 0:28
  72. Virus Sound ("The Naked Time") MX4 tk 1, 2 0:41
    Total Time (55–72): 12:56

    Theme Music Outtakes
  73. Main Title* (electric violin version; arr./cond. Courage) MT tk 1–5, 7 5:03
  74. Main Title* (cello version, arr./cond. Steiner) M10A tk 1–3 3:02
  75. End Title* (electric violin version, arr./cond. Courage) ET tk 1 0:57
  76. End Title* (cello version, arr./cond. Steiner) META tk 1–3, 5–6 5:20
    Total Time: 14:31
    Total Disc Time: 73:21

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
Music Composed and Conducted by Gerald Fried
Episode #30, Recorded 6/21/67
Aired #36, 10/27/67
  1. Main Title* (soprano version, arr./cond. Courage) 1:01
  2. Starship*/Captain Kirk M11/M12+M12X 1:13
  3. Orbiting Ship*/Fog Planet M13/M13A+M13B 1:51
  4. Thicker Fog/Witches M14+M14A/M15 1:47
  5. Fog Storm/Castle/Second Castle M16–20+M16–20A/M21/M22 2:28
  6. Cat Music/Enterprise* M22X/M22A 1:05
  7. Follow That Cat/Brain-Washed M23/M24 2:10
  8. Drugged/Scene Change Sweetener/Korob/Lap Kitten/Cat as Hostess/Free Meal/The Bribe M25/M25A/M26/M31/M32/M33+M33A/M34 3:27
  9. Sylvia/Unguarded Entrances/Sympathetic Magic M35/M36/M37+M37X 2:41
  10. Cooking Lesson/Force Field M41/M42 1:31
  11. Defeated Captain/Music to Dent Force Fields By M43/M44 1:06
  12. Bones, the Zombie M45 0:44
  13. Love, Sort Of M51 3:26
  14. Kirk Caught/Rescue M52/M53 0:52
  15. Racial Memories/Captain Kirk/Mace Fight M54–60/M54–60A/M61 3:32
  16. Giant Cat M62+M25A 1:31
  17. Wand-Breaking/The Prototypes/Five to Beam Up* M63+M25A/M64+64B/M64A 1:32
    Total Time: 32:36

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    Friday's Child
    Music Composed and Conducted by Gerald Fried
    Episode #32, Recorded 7/7/67
    Aired #40, 12/1/67
  18. Ship*/Capella IV M11/M12 1:09
  19. Captain's Log* M13A/M13 2:06
  20. Klingon Ship/Music for Fruits/The Teer M14/M15/M16-20 1:26
  21. The Challenge/Klingon Blip M21/M21A 1:09
  22. Distress Signal M22 1:42
  23. Arm Barbeque/Slow Turn/Call of Duty M24/M25/M26 0:56
  24. Scott/Bones'Good Idea/Capellan Desert M31/M32/M33A 2:16
  25. Belly Feeler M34 2:13
  26. Sonic Ambush/Bouncing Boulder M35/M36 1:03
  27. Kras on the Rocks/Paternity Case/New Capellan in Town M41/M45/M51 1:42
  28. Negative Report/Old Russian Saying/The Mother Splits M53/M54/M55 1:34
  29. The Baby Sitter/Road Hog M56/M57 0:44
  30. Down the Throat M58 1:13
  31. Arrows M61 1:28
  32. Forfeit M62 1:31
  33. Coochy Coo/Godfathers M63/M64 0:39
  34. End Title* (soprano version, arr./cond. Courage) 0:46
    Total Time: 24:13
    Total Disc Time: 56:56

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
Amok Time
Music Composed and Conducted by Gerald Fried
Episode #34, Recorded 7/19/67
Aired #30, 9/15/67
  1. Main Title* (soprano version, enhanced stereo; arr./cond. Courage) 1:01
  2. Enterprise/Prying M11/M12 0:47
  3. Episode Title*/Mr. Spock/Log* M13/M14/M14A 1:59
  4. Deep Thought*/Contrary Order/Prognosis/The Big Question/Message From T'Pring M15/M16–20/M16–20A/M21/M22/M23 5:01
  5. Vulcan Biology/Pon Farr M24/M24A 3:44
  6. More Soup* M26–30B 1:51
  7. T'Pring M32 0:53
  8. Vulcan M33 1:03
  9. Processional M34–40 1:36
  10. The Challenge M41 3:01
  11. War Sash M42 0:43
  12. Ritual/To the Death M43/M44 1:54
  13. The Ancient Combat/2nd Kroykah M51/M52/M52A 5:09
  14. Remorse/Vulcan Logic/Marriage Counseling M53–60/M53–60A/M53–60B 2:48
  15. Resignation*/Lazarus Returned/Pig's Eye* M61/M62/M63 0:44
    Total Time: 32:46

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    The Doomsday Machine
    Music Composed and Conducted by Sol Kaplan
    Episode #35, Recorded 8/30/67
    Aired #35, 10/20/67
  16. Approach of the Enterprise*/Distress Signal/The Ship Search*/The Constellation M11/M12/M13/M13A 2:05
  17. The Dead Ship*/Going Aboard M14/M15 2:00
  18. Commodore Matt Decker/The Crew That Was M16–20/M21 1:59
  19. What Is a Doomsday Machine /The Planet Killer* M22/M23 2:02
  20. Gaining Speed*/The Strange Beam* M24/M25–30 0:53
  21. No Casualties*/Decker Takes Over M31/M32 2:41
  22. The New Commander*/The Approaching Killer* M33/M33A 1:38
  23. Light Beams*/Tractor Beam M34–40/M41 3:27
  24. Violent Shakes* M42+M42A 2:45
  25. Spock Takes Command/Decker's Foil/The Sneaky Commodore* M43/M51/M51A 2:44
  26. Goodbye M. Decker* M52/M52A 3:04
  27. Condolences*/Power Drain* M53/M61 1:11
  28. Kirk Does It Again* M62 3:45
  29. One's Enough* M63 0:24
  30. End Title* (soprano version, enhanced stereo; arr./cond. Courage) 0:47
    Total Time: 31:51
    Total Disc Time: 64:45

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
Who Mourns for Adonais
Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
Episode #33, Recorded 7/12/67
Aired #31, 9/22/67
  1. Ship of Stars/Green Hand M11/M12 1:50
  2. Giant Hand M13 1:13
  3. Apollo Motif M14/M14A 1:12
  4. Apollo's Power/Kirk's Theme/Apollo's Temple M21/M22/M23 3:16
  5. Stingers/Giant Apollo M24/M24A/M24B/M24C/M24D/M25 1:02
  6. Spaceship Stuck/Apollo Fades/Kirk to Apollo M26/M27/M28 1:17
  7. Apollo Digs Carolyn/Apollo's Fist/New Venus M29–30/M31/M32 2:37
  8. Computer Generator M33 0:34
  9. Apollo's Temple #2 M34 2:58
  10. Apollo Zaps M35–40 1:02
  11. Apollo Weakens/Kirk to Enterprise/Bridge to Apollo M41/M42/M43 1:13
  12. Kirk Worried M44–50 0:40
  13. Apollo in Love M51 0:44
  14. Dreamy Venus/Kirk and Carolyn/Spaceship Stuck Again M52/M53/M54 2:34
  15. Apollo's Kiss/Apollo's Storm/Final Battle M55/M56-60/M61 3:35
  16. End of Apollo/Spaceship Orbit+ M62/M63 2:48
    Total Time: 29:07

    +Based on a Theme by Alexander Courage

    Mirror, Mirror
    Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
    Episode #39, Recorded 9/8/67
    Aired #33, 10/6/67
  17. Mirror Mirror/Blackship Theme/The Agonizer M12/M12A/M12B 2:22
  18. Blackship in Space/Blackship Underscore M13/M14 1:20
  19. Thematic Bridge*/Blackship Tension M21/M21A 2:19
  20. Suspicion M23 1:13
  21. . Evil Kirk/Evil Kirk #2 M32/M33 0:38
  22. Meet Marlena/Short Curtain M36/37 2:01
  23. Blackship Theme M12AA 0:46
  24. Pretty Marlena M46 1:21
  25. Goodbye Marlena M47–50 1:41
    Total Time: 13:59

    By Any Other Name
    Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
    Episode #50, Recorded 12/27/67
    Aired #51, 2/23/68
  26. Kelvan Theme/Neutralizer M12/M12A+M12AS 1:31
  27. More Neutralizer M14 0:55
  28. Rojan's Revenge/Rojan's Blocks/Broken Block M22/M23/M24 3:03
  29. More Blocks/Rallentando M41/M42 2:05
  30. Pretty Words/Short Playoff M52/M55 1:48
  31. Kelinda's Question/Rojan Roars/Kelinda's Kiss M59/M61/M61A 1:40
  32. Finale/Thematic Playoff*+ M64/M64A 1:12
    Total Time: 12:28

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
    +Based on a Theme by Alexander Courage

    The Omega Glory
    "Star-Spangled Enterprise"
    Incorporating "Theme From Star Trek" and "The Star-Spangled Banner"
    Devised and Conducted by Fred Steiner
    Episode #54, Recorded 12/27/67 (With "By Any Other Name")
    Aired #52, 3/1/68
  33. Drums 0:20
  34. Star-Spangled Enterprise (act out)* MX-1/MX-6 0:20
  35. Star-Spangled Enterprise (episode medley)* MX-5/MX-4/MX-2 0:38
  36. Star-Spangled Enterprise (outtakes medley)* MX-3/MX-7/MX-6 0:37
    Total Time: 2:01

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    Second Season Library Music
    Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner

    From "Who Mourns for Adonais ":
  37. Kirk to Apollo M28A 0:26

    From "Mirror, Mirror":
  38. The Agonizer M12BA 0:25
  39. Blackship in Space M13A 0:38
  40. Blackship in Space M13B 0:22
  41. Blackship Tension M21AA 1:02
  42. Blackship Tension M21A 0:35
  43. Suspicion M23A 0:37
  44. Meet Marlena M36A 0:49

    From "By Any Other Name":
  45. Kelvan Theme M12 tk 5 0:40
  46. Neutralizer M12AA 0:59
  47. Rojan's Blocks M23A tk 3 0:41
  48. Short Playoff M55A 0:15

    From "Charlie X":
  49. Chess Game (M32, recorded with "Who Mourns for Adonais ") LM50 1:24
  50. Zap Sam (M41, recorded with "Who Mourns for Adonais ") LM51 1:11
  51. Goodbye Charlie (M62, 2 versions, recorded with "By Any Other Name") LM53 1:31

    From "The Corbomite Maneuver":
  52. Fesarius Approaches (M31A, recorded with "Mirror, Mirror") LM52 2:15
    Total Time (37–52): 14:24
    Total Disc Time: 72:26
Music Composed and Conducted by George Duning
Episode #31, Recorded 6/28/67
Aired #38, 11/10/67
  1. Shuttlecraft/Shuttle Helpless M11/M12 2:09
  2. The Planetoid/Most Unusual M13/M14 1:15
  3. Cochrane* M15 1:35
  4. Looks Familiar M21 0:50
  5. Companion*/Still Alive M22+M22X/M23 0:42
  6. Zefram/Nancy Flips* M24/M25 1:14
  7. You've Got It/Angry Companion* M26/M27–30+M27–30X 1:12
  8. Cochrane Calls M31+M31X 2:14
  9. Spock OK/Judas Goat M32/M33/M33A 2:06
  10. Mad Companion* M34+M34X 1:36
  11. Starship*/Scott Anxious M41 tk 3/M42 0:37
  12. Transition*/Companion Talks/Kirk Frustrated M43/M44/M44A 4:22
  13. Cochrane Angry/Spock Puzzled/Nancy Sobs* M45/M46–50/M51 1:11
  14. Kirk Pleads/New Nancy M52+M52X/M53 3:06
  15. It's Her/Loveliness M54/M55–60 2:57
  16. You Loved Me M61 1:45
  17. Cochrane's Decision* M62 1:11
    Total Time: 30:36

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    Return to Tomorrow
    Music Composed and Conducted by George Duning
    Episode #51, Recorded 12/29/67
    Aired #49, 2/9/68
  18. The Voice* M12 1:07
  19. Who Are You/The Globes* M15/M21 1:20
  20. Sargon Transfers/Sargon Requests M22/M23 2:23
  21. Thalassa/Kirk Returns M24/M31 1:14
  22. Kirk's Philosophy* M32 0:57
  23. Ready Sargon M33 0:52
  24. Thalassa Recalls M34–40 1:53
  25. Henoch+/I Remember M41/M44 1:13
  26. Thalassa Worried+/Nurse Puzzled+/Thalassa Concerned/Thalassa Pleads M45/M45A/M46/M51 2:33
  27. Sargon Inert+ M52 0:56
  28. Nurse Chapel*/Spock Alive M55–60/M63 1:34
  29. Last Moments* M64 1:41
    Total Time: 18:09

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
    +Contains "Blackship Theme" Composed by Fred Steiner

    Patterns of Force
    Music Composed and Conducted by George Duning
    Episode #52, Recorded 12/29/67 (With "Return to Tomorrow")
    Aired #50, 2/16/68
  30. Military Mite (Nazi March) M10 tk 1 1:41
  31. Military Mite (Nazi March) (soft version) M10 tk 2 1:17
  32. Military Mite (Nazi March) (10 bars, soft opening) M10 tk 3 0:24
  33. Military Mite (Nazi March) (10 bars, hard opening) M10 tk 4 0:26
  34. Military Mite (Nazi March) (6 bars, long ending) M10 tk 5 0:14
  35. Military Mite (Nazi March) (6 bars, short ending) M10 tk 6 0:14
  36. Military Mite (Nazi March) (horn motive) M10 tk 7 0:08
  37. Military Mite (Nazi March) (horn theme) M10 tk 9 0:14
  38. Military Mite (Nazi March) (percussion only) M10 tk 10 1:42
    Total Time: 6:35

    The Apple
    Unused Percussion Tracks
    Composed and Conducted by Gerald Fried
    Episode #38, Recorded 7/10/67 (With "Friday's Child")
    Aired #34, 10/13/67
  39. . M1 tk 1 1:35
  40. M2 tk 1 0:59
  41. M3 tk 2 0:20
  42. M4 tk 1 1:33
  43. M5 tk 1 1:02
  44. M6 tk 1 0:20
    Total Time: 5:59

    Wolf in the Fold
    Unused Belly Dancer Music
    Composed and Conducted by Gerald Fried
    Episode #36, Recorded 7/19/67 (With "Amok Time")
    Aired #43, 12/22/67

    45. Navel Maneuvers M1/M1A 3:05
    Total Disc Time: 64:51

I, Mudd
Music Composed and Conducted by Samuel Matlovsky
Episode #41, Recorded 9/22/67
Aired #37, 11/3/67
  1. Main Title* (soprano version, second season mix; arr. Courage) 1:03
    2006 Recording Conducted and Produced by Gregory Smith
  2. Please*/You Listen M21/M23 1:25
  3. Harry Mudd/Mudd's Series M24/M25 1:00
  4. Stella M31 0:44
  5. Control Room M32 0:55
  6. Eternal Beauty/Crew Gone M33/M36 0:42
  7. We Are Real M40 1:12
  8. A Gilded Cage/Not Programmed M41/M42 1:09
  9. Mudd's Farewell/Stella's Reprise M43/M44 0:59
  10. Alice in Wonderland M55 2:08
  11. Love's Hate M56 0:50
  12. Tired of Happiness M62 1:26
  13. The Last Straw M63 2:12
  14. Mudd's Detention/Stella 500 M65/M66 1:38
    Total Time: 17:50

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    The Trouble With Tribbles
    Music Composed and Conducted by Jerry Fielding
    Episode #42, Recorded 10/5/67
    Aired #44, 12/29/67
  15. The Muzak Maker M16 0:55
  16. They Quibble Over Tribble/Kirk Out M21+M21S/M31 0:58
  17. The Scherzo Maker M34 0:44
  18. Bartender Bit M35 0:28
  19. Big Fite M36/M36A/M36B 2:15
  20. A Matter of Pride/Barrel of Tribbles/Tribble Hooks Kirk/My Chicken Sandwich/Come on Spock!/Raining Tribbles M42/M43+M43S/M44/M44A+M44AS/M44B/M51/M51A+M51AS /M52/M54+M54S 4:03
  21. Dead Heap!/Close That Door/Hissing Tribbles/Poor Jonesy/No Tribble at All M55/M56/M57/M63+M63S/M65 2:30
    Total Time: 12:05

    Second Season Library Music
    Conducted by Alexander Courage
    Recorded 6/16/67
    Composed by Alexander Courage:
  22. Ship in Orbit* (Big) LM6 0:39
  23. Sad and Thoughtful on Captain's Theme LM8 2:29
  24. Captain Playoff No. 1 (Heavy) LM2 0:07
  25. Smooth Neutral Ship Theme* LM7 0:39
  26. Playoff on M.T. Theme LM1 0:21
  27. Fight on Captain's Theme LM5/LM5A 1:44
  28. Captain Playoff No. 2 (Neutral—Slightly Ominous) LM3 0:07
  29. Stingers LM17A/LM17B/LM17C/LM17D 0:50
  30. New Sexy Exotic LM9 2:16
  31. Captain Playoff No. 3 (Sad and Alone) LM4 0:19
  32. Prime Specimen ("The Cage" M21–30) LM19 3:14
  33. Monster Illusion ("The Cage" M42) LM18 2:33
  34. Mr. Spock ("Captain's Wig" From "The Naked Time" M54–61) LM16 3:26
  35. The Big Go ("The Naked Time" M62) LM15 2:29

    Composed by Fred Steiner:
  36. Mudd's Perfidy ("Mudd's Women" M43) LM10A/LM10 0:33
  37. Zap the Cap ("Charlie X" M53) LM11 1:33
  38. Zap the Cap ("Charlie X" M53) LM11A tk 1 0:08
  39. Zap the Cap ("Charlie X" M53) LM11A tk 2 0:05
  40. Zap the Spaceship ("Charlie X" M54) LM12 1:28
  41. Zap the Spaceship ("Charlie X" M54) LM12A 0:33
  42. Zap the Spaceship ("Charlie X" M54) LM12B 0:07
  43. Ruk Attacks ("What Are Little Girls Made Of " M43A) LM13 1:40

    Composed by Gerald Fried:
  44. 2nd Ruth ("Shore Leave" M31A, orch. Gus Levene) LM14 2:35
    Total Time (22–44): 30:43

    Second Season Alternates and Outtakes
  45. Neck Pinch Sweetener ("Catspaw" M61A) (Fried) 0:04
  46. More Soup* ("Amok Time" M26–30/M26–30A) (Fried) 1:52
  47. Resignation* ("Amok Time" M61A) (Fried) 0:08
  48. Approach of the Enterprise* ("The Doomsday Machine" M11A) (Kaplan) 0:23
  49. Approach of the Enterprise* ("The Doomsday Machine" M11A/M11S) (Kaplan, with Fred Steiner brass sweetener) 0:24
  50. One's Enough* ("The Doomsday Machine" M63A/M63) (Kaplan) 0:24
  51. Shuttle Helpless ("Metamorphosis" M12A) (Duning) 0:38
  52. Starship* ("Metamorphosis" M41 tk 2) (Duning) 0:14
  53. Nancy Sobs* ("Metamorphosis" M51A) (Duning) 0:19
  54. Nancy Sobs* ("Metamorphosis" M51B) (Duning) 0:10
  55. You Loved Me ("Metamorphosis" M61A) (Duning) 0:20
  56. Cochrane's Decision* ("Metamorphosis" M62B) (Duning) 0:13
  57. We Are Real ("I, Mudd" M40A) (Matlovsky) 1:11
  58. No Tribble at All ("The Trouble With Tribbles" M65A) (Fielding) 0:13
  59. Poor Jonesy ("The Trouble With Tribbles" M63, orchestra only) (Fielding) 0:29
  60. Poor Jonesy ("The Trouble With Tribbles" M63S, trombone sweetener at recorded speed) (Fielding) 0:53
  61. Tribbles FX (unused) (Matlovsky) 0:52
    Total Time: 9:23

    Amok Time
    Source Music and Outtake
    Composed and Conducted by Gerald Fried
  62. Vulcan Lyre M25 0:06
  63. Gong FX 0:12
  64. Bells 0:22
  65. Wind Chimes 0:36
  66. Contrary Order (Gerald Fried rehearsal) M16–20 1:37
    Total Time: 3:03
    Total Disc Time: 73:26
Spectre of the Gun
Music Composed and Conducted by Jerry Fielding
Episode #56, Recorded 7/5/68
Aired #61, 10/25/68
  1. Main Title* (soprano version, stereo; arr. Courage, cond. Hatch) 1:01
  2. Melkots'Warning*/Hailing Frequencies* M11/M12 5:04
  3. It Is Done! M14 1:04
  4. Tombstone M15–20 1:19
  5. The Clantons Lost/Death Is Real!/Tack Piano (Weird) M21/M22/M23 1:30
  6. Good Morning Gents/Draw Clanton M31/M32 1:03
  7. Taos Lightning/Teeth Pulling M33/M34 1:22
  8. My Name—Doc Holliday/Love Scene in Old West/Chekov Gets Killed M35–40/M41/M42 4:50
  9. Not Yet Our Time M44 0:46
  10. One Other Place/Any Way You Can/Ten Minutes M51/M52/M53 1:15
  11. We're Trapped/Shoot Out, Part 1 M54/M55–60 3:15
  12. Shoot Out, Part 2/Kirk Wins! M55–60/M61/M61A 1:11
  13. It's Gone Sir M62 0:44
  14. No Title/Final Curtain* M63+M63B/M63A 1:18
    Total Time: 26:10

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    The Paradise Syndrome
    Music Composed and Conducted by Gerald Fried
    Episode #58, Recorded 7/19/68
    Aired #58, 10/4/68
  15. Pine Trees/The Amerikinds/Tahiti Syndrome/The Brain Wash M11/M12/M13/M14 3:38
  16. Episode Title/Puzzled Kirk/Miramanee/Maximum Warp/Engine Strain M21/M22/M23/M24/M25 3:34
  17. Bad Memory*/Breath of Life*/The New God/Deflection M26/M27/M27A/M28–30 3:34
  18. Asteroid/Dilithium M31/M31A 1:54
  19. Washday/Salish Fluffed/Potter Kirk/Naming the God/Target M32/M33/M34/M35/M36 4:19
  20. Lazy Lazer/Joining Day M37/M38–40 1:57
  21. Meditating Spock/Wedding Dress/Challenge M41/M42/M42A 1:46
  22. The Fight/The Ceremony/Listless Spock/Spock Cheats Doctor/Forest Montage/Troubling Dreams/Mud Map M43/M43A/M45/M46/M47–50/M47–50A/M47–50B/M50A 5:11
  23. Forever Cooking/Wind/False God M51/M52/M53 2:50
  24. Check-Up/Death to a False God/Mind Fusion M54/M55/M61 2:29
  25. Back to Reality/The Right Words/Wounded Girl M62/M62A/M62B 2:15
  26. The Right Button/Death of Miramanee/End M63/M64+M64A/M65 3:08
  27. End Title* (soprano version, stereo; arr. Courage, cond. Hatch) 0:43
    Total Time: 37:58
    Total Disc Time: 64:15

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
Elaan of Troyius
Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
Episode #57, Recorded 7/12/68
Aired #68, 12/6/68
  1. Mission to Elas/Meet Kryton/Meet Elaan M11/M12/M13 2:24
  2. Elaan of Elas/Impulse Drive/Elaan Is Annoyed/Peevish Elaan/Thematic Bridge*/Elaan's Interest M15/M16/M17/M21/M22/M23 2:40
  3. Mysterious Things/Klingon Warship/Elaan in Trouble M24/M25/M26 2:01
  4. Medical Man/Elaan Motif/Elaan Eats M27/M28/M29–30 1:00
  5. Elaan Angry/Enemy Warship/Bad Kryton M31/M32/M33 2:57
  6. More Trouble/Elaan's Temper M34/M35 1:23
  7. Magic Tears/The Intruder/Kryton Vanishes M36–40/M41/M42 3:40
  8. Afterwards M43 1:26
  9. Realization/Battle Stations M44/M45 1:54
  10. Close Call M46 1:12
  11. Elaan Pleads M51 1:34
  12. Klingon Command M52 1:55
  13. Elaan's Jewels/Confrontation M53/M54 1:54
  14. Battle Music M55–60 2:06
  15. Thematic Bridge*/Goodbye Elaan/Kirk in Command M61/M62/M63 2:28
    Total Time: 31:05

    Spock's Brain
    Music Composed and Conducted by Fred Steiner
    Episode #61, Recorded 8/26/68
    Aired #56, 9/20/68
  16. Alien Ship/Meet Kara M11/M12 3:08
  17. Awakening/Poor Spock M13/M14 1:26
  18. No Mind/Tense Moment/Tracking the Alien/The Question M15/M16/M21/M22A/M22 1:10
  19. Icy Planet/Caveman/Caveman Fight M23/M24/25 2:56
  20. Caveman Run/Cave Music/Corpus Spock/Hello Luma/Kara Zaps Kirk M31/M32/M33/M34/M36 4:06
  21. Chicken Delight/Kirk Caught/The Answer/The Agonizer/Sulu's Log M41/M42/M43/M44/M45 2:57
  22. Communicators/Scientific Fight M46/M47A 1:54
  23. Spock Walks/Agonizer #2/Spooky Spock M49–50+M50A/M51/M52 tk 3 3:54
  24. Magic Helmet/Kara's Kaper M53/M54 1:50
  25. Kara Commands M55 0:51
  26. Kirk's Dilemma/Magic Helmet #2/Operation Spock/Operation Montage/Spock Is O.K./Spock's Fugue M56/M57–60/M61/M62/M63/M64 7:05
    Total Time: 31:45

    Fred Steiner Library Cues
    From "Elaan of Troyius":
  27. Meet Elaan M13A 0:33
  28. Elaan in Trouble M26A 0:14
  29. Bad Kryton M33A/M33B 1:23
  30. Battle Stations M45A 1:01
  31. Goodbye Elaan M62A 0:15

    From "Spock's Brain":
  32. Meet Kara M12A 0:28
  33. Poor Spock M14A/M14B 0:21
  34. The Question M22A 0:38
  35. Kara Motif M26 0:09
  36. Corpus Spock M33A 0:33
  37. Hello Luma M34A/M34B 1:28
  38. Scientific Fight M47 0:32
  39. Overstings M48A 0:30
  40. Spooky Spock With Overstings M52 tk 3+M48A 1:13
  41. Brain Box M50A 0:09
  42. Spooky Spock M52 tk 4 1:11
  43. Kara's Kaper M54A 0:28
  44. Kara Motif (Fred Steiner rehearsal and master) M26 0:56
    Total Time (27–44): 12:51
    Total Disc Time: 75:50
Season 3, Disc 3
The Enterprise Incident
Music Composed and Conducted by Alexander Courage
Episode #59, Recorded 8/5/68
Aired #57, 9/27/68
  1. Main Title* (soprano version, monaural; arr. Courage, cond. Hatch) 1:01
  2. Aberrated Captain* M11 3:04
  3. Surrounded/Temper, Temper M12/M13 1:14
  4. Unfair Exchange M14–20+M14–20B 1:04
  5. Vulcanian Cahoots M21 3:34
  6. Hemmed In*/Vulcanization M22/M31 0:48
  7. Konked Kirk M32 3:42
  8. Vulcanized M33 1:13
  9. Kirk Rekirked M41 1:21
  10. Back From Dead/Commandeered M42/M43–50 6:31
  11. Back to Business M51 2:13
  12. Stolen Device M52 2:51
  13. Reworked*/Deposition/Sweaty Scotty M53/M54/M55–60 1:50
  14. Free Enterprise* M61 6:19
  15. Ear Bob* M62 0:36
    Total Time: 37:56

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    Plato's Stepchildren
    Music Composed and Conducted by Alexander Courage
    Episode #67, Recorded 10/25/68
    Aired #65, 11/22/68
  16. Giant Dwarf* M11 0:45
  17. Meet the Folks/Soaring Syringe M12/M13 1:09
  18. Episode Titles M14 0:45
  19. Delirium Parmen's* M15–20 2:34
  20. Reluctant Guests/Psychokinetic Effect M21/M21A 0:30
  21. The Frog (Alexander's Song) (vocal: Michael Dunn) M22A 0:27
  22. Slap Unhappy M23 0:41
  23. Cut Off/I Hear You Calling M24/M25+M25A 0:45
  24. Psychokinetic Shenanigans/Stopped Cold M26/M31 1:17
  25. Groveling Kirk M32+M32A 2:46
  26. Dancing Spock M33 3:49
  27. Spock Brought/New Talent M41/M51 0:54
  28. The Aristocrats/Flung About M52/M53 1:24
  29. Maiden-Wine+ (vocal: Leonard Nimoy) M54A 1:18
  30. Orgy Porgy M55–60 5:58
  31. Brain Bout M61 1:51
  32. The Little Visitor M62 0:38
    Total Time: 28:06

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
    +Composed by Leonard Nimoy, Published by Adajul Music (BMI)

    Whom Gods Destroy
    Music Composed and Conducted by Alexander Courage
    Episode #71, Recorded 10/25/68 (With "Plato's Stepchildren")
    Aired #69, 1/3/69
  33. Arab Hootch Dance (Hootchie Kootchie) LM133 1:44

    The Way to Eden

    Songs by Arthur Heinemann, Charles Napier and Craig Robertson
    Music Director: Wilbur Hatch
    Episode #75, Recorded 11/20/68
    Aired #75, 2/21/69
  34. Beam-In Sweetener M6 0:04
  35. Looking for a New Land (vocal: Charles Napier) MV1 1:31
  36. Like Hail (vocal: Napier) MV3 0:13
  37. Hey, Out There! (vocals: Charles Napier and Deborah Downey) MV2 2:48
  38. Far Out Jam (William Pitman) M8/MV5A 1:14
  39. Headin' Out to Eden (vocal: Napier) MV4 1:04
  40. Headin' Out to Eden (instrumental tags) M7A tk 2, 1 0:24
  41. End Title* (soprano version, monaural; arr. Courage, cond. Hatch) 0:43
    Total Time: 8:15
    Total Disc Time: 76:21
Is There in Truth No Beauty?
Music Composed and Conducted by George Duning
Episode #62, Recorded 9/6/68
Aired #60, 10/18/68
  1. Enter Marvick*/Enter Miranda+ M11/M12 1:37
  2. Ambassador Arrival*/My Life Is Here+/I Must Know/Starship Party* M13/M14/M15/M21 3:35
  3. McCoy's Toast/Quite a Woman/Marvick Pleads M22/M23/M24/M24A 5:26
  4. Marvick Mad/Marvick Berserk/Marvick Dies M31/M32/M32A/M33 5:56
  5. Unknown Void/Sentimental Jim/What Is Ugly?+/Why? M34/M41/M42/M43 3:56
  6. Blind Miranda/Mind Link+/Spock—Kollos M44/M51/M52 4:54
  7. Hero Spock*+ M53/M53A/M53B 3:38
  8. Don't Move/Spock Out/No Change/Miranda Mad+/Miranda's Farewell*+ M61/M62/M63/M64/M64B/M64A/M64C/M65 7:19
    Total Time: 36:39

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
    +Contains "Mr. Spock" Composed by Gerald Fried

    The Empath
    Music Composed and Conducted by George Duning
    Episode #63, Recorded 9/6/68
    Aired #67, 12/6/68
  9. Starship Again*/Nova Phase/What Happened? M11/M12/M13 2:01
  10. Lost Trio/Enter Gem/The Vians/Kirk Stunned/Force Field/Kirk Healed M14/M15+M15A/M16/M21/M22/M23 4:26
  11. Vian Lab/The Subjects M24/M25 1:55
  12. Cave Exit+/Star Trek Chase/Slow Motion Kirk M26/M27/M28–30/M28–30A/M28–30B 3:17
  13. One Specimen/Kirk Tortured/Kirk's Agony/Help Him/Vians' Threat M31/M32/M33/M34/M35 4:54
  14. How's It Going*/Spock's Hypo/Spock Stuck+/McCoy Tortured/Gem Wistful M41/M42/M43/M44/M45 3:52
  15. Poor McCoy/Bedside Manner/No Interference/Time Grows Short M51/M52/M53/M54–60/M54–60A 6:33
  16. Don't Touch Me M61 2:07
  17. Vians' Farewell/Off Again* M62/M62A/M63 1:51
    18. Empath Finale*+ M64 1:05
    Total Time: 32:24

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
    +Contains "Mr. Spock" Composed by Gerald Fried

    Requiem for Methuselah
    Brahms Paraphrase by Ivan Ditmars
    Episode #76, Recorded 1/15/69
    Aired #74, 2/14/69
  18. Pseudo Brahms Esq. M26/M26A 2:22
  19. Pseudo Brahms Esq. (alternate ending) M26 2:13
    Total Time: 4:37
    Total Disc Time: 73:53
And the Children Shall Lead
Music Composed and Conducted by George Duning
Episode #60, Recorded 8/9/68
Aired #59, 10/11/68
  1. Main Title* (soprano version, third season mix; arr. Courage) 1:02
    2006 Recording Conducted and Produced by Gregory Smith
  2. Triacus*/What Goes Kids? M11/M12 2:41
  3. Triacus Burial/Kooky Kids/Reluctant Kids M13/M14/M15 1:49
  4. Strange Feelings M16–20 1:30
  5. Starship Again*/Instant Ice Cream M21/M22 1:04
  6. Busy-Busy/Tommy Tired/Here Comes the Gorgon/Kids' Whammy #1 M23/M24/M25/M26 3:59
  7. Standard Orbit #1*/Starnes' Tape/Kids' Whammy #2/Tommy's Whammy/Standard Orbit #2*/Whammed Crew*/Starnes' Story M31/M32/M33/M34/M35/M36/M36A/M37 5:36
  8. Mislead Innocent/McCoy Mad*/Out of Orbit*/Call the Angel M38/M41/M42/M43/M43A 2:56
  9. Kids in Control M44–50/M44–50A/M44–50B/M44–50C/M44–50D/M44–50E 7:14
  10. Scotty Whammied/By Whose Orders M51/M52 2:01
  11. Last Whammy M53/M53A 1:30
  12. Gorgon Summoned/Gorgon Zapped* M54–60/M61 5:07
    Total Time: 36:56

    *Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    Third Season Library Music
    Conducted by Wilbur Hatch
    Recorded 6/25/68

    From "The Cage" (Alexander Courage):
  13. Survivors (M21) LM100 1:41
  14. Bottled (M31) LM101 1:51
  15. Monster Illusion (M42) LM102 2:46
  16. Monster Illusion (tag) (M42) LM102A 0:09
  17. The Kibitzers (M44) LM103 0:40
  18. Vina's Punishment (M51) LM104 1:54
  19. Vina's Dance (M62) LM105 1:52
  20. Wrong Think (M73) LM106 0:42

    From "Where No Man Has Gone Before" (Alexander Courage):
  21. Act 1 Card (M13) LM107 0:37
  22. Crippled Ship (M22) LM108 0:54
  23. Speedy Reader (M24) LM109 1:05
  24. End Title (M64) LM110 0:23

    From "The Man Trap" (Alexander Courage):
  25. First Goner (M14–21) LM111 tk 3 0:48
  26. First Goner (M14–21) LM111 tk 4 0:49
  27. Dressing Down (M23) LM114 0:07
  28. Monitor Gizzard (M25) LM113 0:13
  29. Monitor Gizzard (M25) LM113A 0:09
  30. Lazer Dazer (M45–51) LM112 2:43
  31. Dodo Girl (M52) LM115 0:09

    From "Catspaw" (Gerald Fried):
  32. Drugged (M25) LM116 1:23
  33. Mace Fight (M61) LM117 0:59
  34. Mace Fight (M61) LM117A 0:18

    From "Friday's Child" (Gerald Fried):
  35. . Down the Throat (M58) LM118 1:13
  36. Arrows (M61) LM119 1:25
    Total Time (13–36): 25:40

    Composed and Conducted by Gerald Fried (With "The Paradise Syndrome")
  37. School Chum ("Shore Leave" M23) LM125 0:32
  38. Mr. Spock ("Amok Time" M14) LM128/LM128A 0:57
  39. Contrary Order ("Amok Time" M16–20A) LM129 2:58
  40. More Soup* ("Amok Time" M26–30B) LM126 2:00
  41. More Soup ("Amok Time" M26–30B) LM126A/LM127 1:05
    Total Time: 7:41

    Conducted by George Duning (With "Is There in Truth No Beauty?")
  42. Act Out LM131 tk 1 0:14
  43. Act Out LM131 tk 2 0:13
    Total Time: 0:30

    Score Alternates
  44. Ambassador Arrival* ("Is There in Truth No Beauty?" by Duning, M13A) 0:15
  45. Out of Orbit* ("And the Children Shall Lead" by Duning, M42A) 0:14
  46. Final Curtain* ("Spectre of the Gun" by Fielding, M63C) 0:13
  47. Unfair Exchange ("The Enterprise Incident" by Courage, M14–20A) 0:15
  48. Tromba Sweetener ("Plato's Stepchildren" by Courage, M25A) 0:23
  49. The Aristocrats ("Plato's Stepchildren" by Courage, M52A) 0:16
    Total Time: 1:48

    The Savage Curtain
    Episode #77, Recorded 1/24/69
    Aired #77, 3/7/69
    Music Composed and Conducted by Wilbur Hatch
  50. Drums/Salute to Our President Fanfare MX/M1/M1A 1:30
  51. Salute to Our President Fanfare (outtakes medley) M2/M3/M4/M5 0:52
  52. End Title* (soprano version, alternate ending; arr. Courage, cond. Hatch) 0:41
  53. Paramount Television I.D. (Wilbur Hatch) 0:05
    Total Time: 3:16
    Total Disc Time: 76:18