Thursday, September 20, 2012

I remember Chevy Chase

I remember being driven by my father in our car over a river ford in Rock Creek Park.

I remember  making cinnamon Easter eggs in second grade at Lafayette Elementary School.

I remember climbing up small cliffs with roots hanging out of them and imagining  that the cliff was  a  mountain.

I remember  thinking a  strange sink was a urinal in Junior high School.

I remember falling off a metal chain rope on a parking lot onto concrete when I was seven.
It really hurt.

I remember playing with Elizabeth Wansong at Lafayette.  I remember her long pulled back hair  and  her smile.

I remember pretending  my closet was a space ship.

I remember driving to a small amusement park or swimming pool, that my parent's expected to find, and when we got there it was totally gone.

I remember buying oatmeal cookies from a big barrel at Broad  Branch  Market.

I remember regularly buying a yellow bag of   firm smallish tasty fresh chocolate chip cookies from Giant Food in the 1970's. They don't make them anymore.

Note:the river ford closed in 1996.

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