Friday, June 1, 2012

Most popular search results for each letter of the alphabet

Why Craig's List, Why not Cow? How about Zebra not Zillow? Why not Zebra Cow?
According to Google or at least the Google search box on my computer, these are the most popular searches for each letter of the alphabet. Your mileage may vary.  My computer actually pulled up Red Sox
for R (since I am in New England and I am a Red Sox fan) so I went with the second choice... Some letters it's quite obvious what the first choice would be A (amazon),F (facebook), H (hotmail) , and Y(Youtube) . Other letters  have  quite a bit of competition or change over time. K,B, R,  J, X, P and U fit in that category. 

A: amazon
B: bank of America
C: craigslist
D: dictionary
E: espn
F: facebook
G: gmail
H: hotmail
I: imdb
J: jet blue
K: Kayak
L: linked in
M: mapquest
N: Netflix
O: orbitz
P: pinterst
Q: qvc
R: redbox
S: southwest airlines;
T: target
U: urban dictionary
V: Verizon wireless
W: weather
X: xfinity
Y: youtube
Z: zillow

Kayak!  Really?  Are You Sure?

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