Saturday, June 9, 2012

Guide to commenting on You Tube music videos...

While some turn to YouTube, to watch Charlie bite his brother, or see dogs eat with their hands, other actually use You Tube  as a  free music service.  Invariably, you can find most famous songs somewhere on YouTube, often  in their original version.  Usually,  these are unauthorized uploads by  zealous fans , who seldom pay attention to copyright issues.  The rarer authorized uploads usually have a commercial in front of the video. Sometimes aspiring singers cover a famous song,and then purposely neglect to label that their video is a cover, just  so that they  get more clicks-that's very  annoying, even when the performance is good.  What is  most cool about music on YouTube is being able to see long unavailable clips and TV performances from ages ago. Back in the day, it was rarer for artists to be filmed, or videotaped, so each of these performances, even the lip-synched ones are pieces of found gold. 

 I find it amusing to read the comments  about the music videos, sometimes I learn something, but sometimes their comments can be rather predictable.

1. If the song is from a prior decade, the commenter will comment how the music stinks today, often they will throw in disgusted references to Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa or HipHop music and go on about  how nobody knows how to play music  or write a song nowadays. Even today's teenager are fond of saying that they wished they lived in  prior decade when this music was better...
2. Another common comment is that  somebody will take note of the like /dislike count on the video, and if most people liked the song, the commenter  will say ( such in such number of ) people are idiots in reference to the number of people who didn't like the song.
3. Many people will say how much they love the song in question, and how it was playing when they were falling in  love in high school or doing drugs in college...they will also go on about how they don't make music like they used to.....

Yeah, they don't music like they used to- there will never be another Mozart.

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