Friday, July 6, 2012

Harley 2003-2012

 "I am not really a dog person, you know," that is  what I always told my wife's dog, Harley.   I would tell him that when I had to walk him,  or had to feed him, or had to chase him around when he escaped.   I used to call him Marley, but I slowly realized I could hardly call him by a demeaning nickname.

Harley was a purebred golden retriever, he had a pleasant disposition, Harley had  the innocent heart  and limitless energy of a puppy.  He had no tail, he had lost  it in a horrible accident when he was two.  He wasn't good at tricks but he liked to play ball.  Harley, did have a dignified side, he was very quiet,  Harley did not believe in barking just to be annoying.

Harley viewed me as his pack mate. Where ever I went, he usually followed, he loved my old beaten up car, and the area under my desk most of all.  I am not a dog person, but I liked Harley.  Sometimes in life you get blessings you don't really ask for- or deserve. 

Harley and Jason were pups at the same time.

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