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Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection- Behind the Score

Here's a video overview of the 15 disc Star Trek-The Original Series Collection.
This is a new collection,released in late 2012, which features some recordings that have been released before, but many more that haven't.  Star Trek-Original Series soundtrack music  has long been a bit of holy grail for Star Trek fans because no soundtrack album was released during the original series run.

Finally In the 1990's, CD's  were released of some  the original Star Trek music, but some of them were re-recordings done in rearranged musical suites . Those releases did not include  every cue or episode, for example there was no original recordings from the third season, and none of the vocal tracks by Nichelle Nichols, Leonard Nimoy etc. were released . But this new  collection has it all and more. This collection also includes cues that were composed  and recorded but  not used.

Original scores were written and recorded for about  half the episodes, so not every episode had an original score. For some episodes, cues were simply borrowed from other episodes.  So that's why you would hear some the same bits used in multiple episodes, and that's why the music became so familiar to fans. 

So here we finally have it all together.  Although Star Trek fans are biased, it seems apparent that the original series had a fairly good background scoring, I can think of more than one episode, owes much to it's score, most notably the "Doomsday Machine" and "Amok Time". 

If I had money to burn, I would have bought  this. Though this  is was one of those  expensive (235 dollar!) limited edition sets that are all the rage now, because  they are profitable, sought after, and  too big to steal with illegal downloads.  Sadly, they often go out of print before  you can buy them.

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