Monday, May 5, 2014

Heart - Battle Of Evermore, Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame 9-2-95

(THE VIDEO FOR THIS POST-often gets pulled so if you don't see or hear it-that is why).This song means a lot to me.  My favorite female singer is Sandy Denny.  Her best selling recording, is her appearance on Led Zeppelin IV, singing with Robert Plant on  Plant/Page's  original folk-rock song, "The Battle of Evermore".  The song  came about because Jimmy Page just happened to be messing around on for the first time on  a Mandolin one day-and just made up  this amazing tune. Led Zeppelin never performed  the song live effectively,  because Plant's live duet partner, in the band, John Paul Jones, sang it poorly. So the best live performance of the song has to be this version by Ann and Nancy Wilson.

Ann and Nancy have always been the best Led Zeppelin cover band around, and "Battle of Evermore" effectively taps into the Wilson's acoustic roots, better than any other of their Zeppelin covers.  

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