Friday, February 15, 2013

On writing....

Sometimes your  just not sure where you want to go!

So here's a new post...On the process of writing...They say that the one way to create traffic for your blog to create lots of posts. That may explain why some bloggers post too much, and create lots of filler posts. Other bloggers are actually good at creating interesting material on a regular basis, and I suppose those are the bloggers that are actually commercially successful.

I just like to write, I have a list of ideas to write about-that sits unpublished on this site-eventually I will probably get to some of the ideas on the list.  The  things on the list are things  that I want to write about, or things I have some knowledge of. I usually find, that  I don't have the patience to write an article and get it to communicate exactly what I want to  communicate and when I go back to read such articles I am not quite happy.   The first book I wrote was a genealogy book, it took over ten years to finish it, simply because I envisioned it being a certain way, and until I could it get there I wasn't going to be happy.

A have long planned a ABBA discography book based on my ABBA website-but I have never finished it-because I am not sure it would come out the way I want it too..But it will come out eventually, as well at least one of my novels..

Well anyway, so there's a new post ...  Here's a picture or two....

My house from above...
A doodle by Stevie!

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