Friday, April 20, 2012

Random things I learned part one ..

Random things ...Pennies, President's Day, Daguerreotypes 

Daguerreotypes actually had something good about them.

Daguerreotypes were the   first commercially successful  photographic  process. There were   widely used in the mid 1800's. The process was  cumbersome, expensive & inefficient. Eventually,  they were superseded in the marketplace by other methods of photography.  What was good about them? Well apparently, the  image quality of a  Daguerreotype is so high that one can use a microscope to find hidden detail on them.  This article in Wired Magazine has more about them....
1848 Daguerreotypes bring past to light

 Canadian Pennies 
That the Canadians are about to stop making the Canadian penny,  apparently, in the future  Canadians  will be expected to either round up or round down, though the old stock of pennies are still in circulation. It costs more to make a penny than it is worth.  We Americans  would get rid  it  over here too, but for the fact, that it would require actually making a decision. 

Presidents Day 

President's Day is a sort of a  misnomer. This February holiday  is still  officially called Washington's Birthday. In recent decades it has come to be known as Presidents Day, but it was never changed to that. Some states officially call it Presidents' Day, to make note of the fact that the beloved President Lincoln, was also born in February.

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