Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First thoughts of 2011....

 Oh here is the cover to My uncle's and I's new book, The Sheehan Book..

Here once again at snowy Felpin's Pond, feeling rather empty... Gerry Rafferty died- apparently from the ill effects of alcoholism--I had know idea....the baby finally went to sleep, always the last to go to bed..... Jason was listening to light jazz prior to his falling asleep.  He and his brother got Bey Blades from their baby sitter for Christmas.  What else was I going to say-they both again failed the Tom Brady question in the bed time contest.-neither one of them  knows who Tom Brady is.... but Jason knows who Deval Patrick is.... well good night, cruel world.

Here's today's Crazy poem: which is called 
O’Connor o milligan, oh what does it matter 
Oconnor o milligan oh what does it matter Omalley omacy oh give me some space please Osheehee obeebee lets please have the same key Osally Ocallie these names make no sense see Oshavy O mavy please pass the gravy Oharry omary owhere is olarry Ocarrie osharie oh where are the fairies Oh Iwonder I sunder please send some thunder Oh Larrym oh Harry ohm there coming again the same names . The same games must it all be the same. How about some Macgilly or Maclilly or maybe some macsilly Or ihop ibop but not no igop I can't gop I can't bop I can't even plop. I loppy I coppy or send me some chops please I can't see I can't see but I am on the ramp see Too scary too Larry but just not those fairies To gibbon to bibbons, but please just no ribbon No smibbon no mibbon yeah well maybe some hibbon!

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