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Rolling Stones Aftermath sessions


The first British Rolling Stones  album   that  Jagger/Richards wrote every single track for was the April 1966 album, AftermathTo make this album the Stones recorded 21 tracks  at two marathon sessions at RCA in Hollywood in December 1965 and March 1966. Jagger and Richards somehow managed to write 21  songs despite the fact that sessions for this album came only a few months after the last  sessions for their previous  album.  Consider also that their prior albums featured a large a number of tracks written by other writers.   The musical variety on the tracks is amazing for such a short recording period. This was largely due to Brian Jones,  and hus remarkable ability to play a large variety of  colorful instruments.

 Aftermath  is the Stones best body of work outside their classic period of 1968-1972. Why did the Stones record so many songs?  British groups of the mid-1960's   typically released many of their singles as non-album tracks. British acts of the time also sometimes released albums with no singles material on them,  Also such album often had more tracks than the average American album- thus British groups like the Stones and the Beatles would often record 16 or more songs to be considered for a album.  British albums of the time often had more songs on them their  American counterpart.

 American labels took advantage of this productivity  by using those extra tracks to create more albums.  So thus Capitol was able to create 12  Beatles albums out of the same body of work that created only 7 British albums. The tally for the Rolling Stones was 8 American albums drawn from  5 British albums.

1.  19th Nervous Breakdown
2.  Sad Day
3.  Mother's Little Helper
4.  Doncha Bother Me
5.  Goin' Home
6. Long Long While
7.  Take It Or Leave It
8.  Think
9.  Ride On Baby
10. Sittin' On A Fence
11. Paint It Black 
12. Lady Jane 
13.  Stupid Girl 
14.  Flight 505
15.  High And Dry 
16.  I Am Waiting
17.  If You Let Me
18. It's Not Easy
19. Out Of Time
20. Under My Thumb 
21. What To Do

The British version of Aftermath  used  fourteen of the  twenty one tracks  The seven remaining tracks were dispersed in the following manner:  Four songs appeared originally in Britain only on singles, two were relegated to Flowers and More Hot Rocks, and one song was left unreleased.

 Side one
1.     "Mother's Little Helper"   2:45
2.     "Stupid Girl"       2:56
3.     "Lady Jane"       3:08
4.     "Under My Thumb"       3:41
5.     "Doncha Bother Me"       2:41
6.     "Goin' Home"       11:13
Side two
7.     "Flight 505"       3:27
8.     "High and Dry"   3:08
9.     "Out of Time"   5:37
10.     "It's Not Easy"   2:56
11.     "I Am Waiting"   3:11
12.     "Take It or Leave It"   2:47
13.     "Think"       3:09
14.     "What to Do"       2:32

The American version had only  eleven of the tracks.
Side One
1.     "Paint It Black"  3:22
2.     "Stupid Girl"   2:56
3.     "Lady Jane"       3:08
4.     "Under My Thumb"   3:41
5.     "Doncha Bother Me" 2:41
6.     "Think"       3:09
Side two
7.     "Flight 505[1]"  3:27
8.     "High and Dry"   3:08
9.     "It's Not Easy" 2:56
10.     "I Am Waiting"  3:11
11.     "Goin' Home"       11:13

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