Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kate Bush goes Live!

A thirty five year wait will soon be over.  The word is out that British Pop Diva, Kate Bush will be performing live this summer.   The tour will be short, and only in one venue,the Hammersmith Apollo, but any kind of live Kate Bush performance is welcome.   The performances will be called "Before the Dawn", there will be a total of 22 concerts to be held in London in August and September.

Kate Bush has only toured twice.  A series of practice gigs  around London in 1977 with the KT  band before she became big, and one highly elaborate  tour in 1979. She has never performed in the USA, or outside Europe.  Kate's 1979 tour (known later as the Tour Of Life)  is famous for featuring elaborate dance routines, and her pioneering use of a non- hand held microphone.  The tour lasted only a month but did include  28 dates in Great Britain and on the Continent.  Since then her only live performances have been a few live television appearances. Why hasn't Kate performed more live?  She has a fear of flying, she prefers working in the studio, and she likes her privacy and spending time with her family.

VHS tape of the 1979 tour.

Waiting for Kate Bush is always a long wait.  She has only made four original studio albums in the past 28 years, a slow pace even in  today's environment where older legacy artists usually wait a few years between releases.   In those 28 years she has made no concert appearances, and appeared rarely on TV.  Nor did she break up the time with stopgap compilation albums. She has released only one greatest hits album, one album of re-recordings,  one box set (not released worldwide) and no DVD's over the course of her career.  Her numerous non-album B-sides and rarities  have only been compiled once on the aforementioned box set. Her production of B-sides, soundtrack appearances and other rarities is one area where  Kate exceeds other artists with her productivity, so it's shame they haven't been compiled in a more affordable format. The same with videos--her videos were all great-why not put that out on DVD.

It's not  clear yet whether these live 2014 shows will be recorded for posterity.  Let's hope they are.


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